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Andrew Beere
as Revin
Andrew has been involved with amateur theatre on and off since he was twelve years old, and has been sword fighting for about as long. He's been a sci-fi fan since he was born, so when the chance to act, wield light sabers,
and be in a Star Wars fan film came up ... well, he had to think long and hard about that!
Jesse Lalonde
as Van-Suk
Jesse joined the cast of Vader's Apprentice as a long time Star Wars fan and martial arts enthusiast. As a novice sword handler, he underwent several weeks of training to prepare for his role. Vader's Apprentice was his first major film production but definitely not his last. When not in fan films you can find Jesse playing hockey, video games or table-top games with his friends... or maybe trying to sell you a cell phone. Be warned.
Lesley Ananny
as Asher
Lesley is a book fascist, a poet and a part-time model. Her hobbies include reading, writing, alcohol, travelling, acting and paintball. She completed both the beginner and advance Chivalrous Swordhandling classes held at her local college, and she plays Asher in Vader's Apprentice. Her professional work has appeared in The Canadian Mediacal Association Journal and Heat, the University of Ottawa's literary mag. She's a recent graduate of the Professional Writing program at Algonquin College, and has spent many years acting for both the stage and screen. She has built props, painted ballustrades and acted as stage manager, and has also appeared in a recent Doctor Who fan film. She lives, writes and rants in Ottawa.
Markus Rumke
as Par
Markus is financial advisor working with Manulife Securities. He has been practicing martial arts for the last 23 years. He is a huge soccer fan and licensed pyromaniac.
Justin Chow
as Yancarow
Dan Piché
as Surian
Jim Tamblyn
as Commander Blyful
Jim has been a Star Wars fan from the very beginning. After seeing it for the first time in 1977 he always wanted to join the Empire. In 2007 he finally got the chance, joining the 501st Legion. Now with the help of his fellow Imperials he is happily doing charity events and conventions in the name of the Emperor. When his friend Amber asked if he would like to appear in a Star Wars fan film he jumped at the chance despite his lack of
"acting" experience.
Hank Gruben
as Admiral Wolfe
Elijah Phillps
as Darth Vader
John Piché
as Mathius Rawne
Silvia Neuteboom
as Sarah Rawne
Silvia has worked in the Radiation Oncology Program at the Ottawa Hospital Cancer Center for the last ten years. Despite handling radioactive sources regularly, she still doesn't glow in the dark. After auditioning, she got sucked in to the wild world of behind-the-camera action and has thoroughly enjoyed wearing so many different hats on this production. Vader's Apprentice is her first film but it won't be her last!
Reinhard Krupp
as Smuggler 1
Traci Jorgenson
as Smuggler 2
Traci has been a sci-fi/fantasy fan since she was a child, watching Star Wars projected on a wall during a USO show. Since then, she's added to her geek factor by taking up sword instruction and has recently begun training in mounted combat. Vader's Apprentice is her first film but hopefully not her last. Her only regret is not getting to wield a lightsaber....
Michael Goguen
as Smuggler 3

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